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Some people enjoy the process, some people look forward to the results, different life have different circumstances. If time can walk, I will back to the young; if the space can be transferred, Id go back to the parent. All said the merciles……
   Some people enjoy the process, some people look forward to the results, different life have different circumstances. If time can walk, I will back to the young; if the space can be transferred, I'd go back to the parent. All said the merciless years, Time passes very quickly., return not to go after all can't go back. Suddenly, I do not know which corner in memory to hear the phrase, "go back, really can not go back". May remember a past, and couldn't help but read the pages of life.
Family affections
From be born to return to nature, most of our time will be the family package. Each stage, our affection definition will be different. From the beginning of contact, to the habit, and finally paid, it seems we have contact and habits of the front too, for the time is too short. I am not good at expressing feelings, rarely to parents said "I love you", and her mother often said "I love my family girl", she will express their emotions. In this respect, I think I am very cowardly, perhaps for fear of my love is not deep, defiled this wonderful. Birth, life in the heart of our a called "affection" seed. Before high school, never fear over the feelings of parents, just the feeling of their own. After the University, with the home less and less, the seed began to take root in my heart. After four years, the seed out of the flowers, from time to time, with its elegant fragrance to me, when I can't help to think of this scent, but couldn't find it anywhere in my heart. Finally, I went home, I found that a family flower in my heart, it was brilliant.
Root litter known deciduous, cold water to understand her. Every day, we will be with the people rub shoulders; every day, we are met; every day, we are experiencing the story. The growth of a person, can't avoid of every hue people into your world. Yes, turned to forget; some, rub shoulders with some love, holding constant review. Sometimes recall university years, although very bitter, but like spirits like glycol. Then just sit, management is very strict, day and night full training, daily meals only canteen meals, go out must be justified to leave. One day, my roommate's family came to visit, bought two watermelons, other bedroom girl's eyes out, the heap to discuss how to disposal, finally unanimous resolution, flesh, cut into small pieces, eat together! Similar scenes: one day, many world amnesty, together excitedly went to the supermarket to buy the mistake, not back, in the collection before caught, punishment is to carry things to the playground laps...... University life, is accompanied by this story, and each story is so hard to forget. Then, we reached a fork in the road.
The travel of life
No words of parting, parting with the most concentrated because in there. After 5 times after the departure, often touched tears cry on each other's shoulder valve, from the beginning, to simple last hug, finally looked at the peer from leaving their life, far away. At the graduation ceremony, when reviewing our military training, class training, practice, the scenes of the video, we collectively sang "friends together for life, those days are no longer"; the second, more than 200 people a large photo; third, stem Hao and good sisters in KTV; fourth, station of separation; fifth, internal convulsions. The tears is getting less and less, not because of the feelings of light, but we learned how to treasure the friendship.
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